The Jake's Story

Jake, a fourth-generation member of the Jasper Family is proud to continue the farming traditions of his great-grandfather that have been passed down for over 70 years.

Since 1948, a commitment to quality and innovation has propelled many fine Jasper Specialty Foods products into the hands of health-conscious almond lovers around the world.

Jake’s Nut Roasters is a creative line of specialty almond snacks with distinctively bold and unique flavors, which include Bleu Cheese Cracked Pepper, Bloody Mary, Mesquite Smoked, Hatch Chile, Maple, and Barbecue.

These almonds are in fact “Straight from Jake’s Orchard” showcasing our company’s vertical integration and commitment to sustainable growing practices.

Jake’s almonds provide an unparalleled snacking experience and make eating this healthy snack both fun and satisfying!  Jake’s Nut Roasters 7 oz. cans have a cool, classic appearance that looks great on store shelves, kitchen counters, or table centerpieces!

Produced in a dedicated peanut-free facility, these premium California almonds are dry roasted and seasoned in small batches to deliver exceptional quality.

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